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Business Banking Service

COREBANK takes pride in supporting local businesses by offering financial products and services to help you reach your financial goals. Our services are designed to make your business more efficient and profitable.

Listed below are our products and services. However, for a complete understand of how we can match up your needs with our products to form a long and prosperous relationship, click on Contact Us to arrange a time for us to meet with you.

  • Business Checking
  • Business Interest Checking
  • Business Savings
  • Business Money Market
  • Certificate of Deposits
  • CDARs and ICS (Insured Cash Sweep) Accounts

ICS - Instant Cash Sweep

Through Promontory’s new ICS (or Insured Cash Sweep) service, banks can offer their customers a savings product that earns interest and provides access to multi-million-dollar FDIC insurance. By using ICS to transfer, or “sweep,” customer funds from a transaction account at the bank into savings accounts (money market deposit accounts) at multiple banks, institutions can attract sophisticated, safety-conscious customers of all types, including businesses, nonprofits, public entities, and other large-dollar depositors.


Why ICS?

ICS enables banks to receive matching deposits for their placements – true reciprocal funding to help fund the asset side of the balance sheet – while offering a savings product with access to multi-million-dollar FDIC insurance.* ICS Funding


How does ICS compare to other alternatives?

ICS Compared


How does ICS work?

As a member of the Promontory Network, a bank can transfer a customer’s funds from a transaction account at that bank into interest-bearing savings accounts at other member banks in amounts below the standard FDIC insurance maximum ($250,000). This process makes the customer’s funds eligible for FDIC protection. As a result, customers can access coverage from many institutions while working directly with just one. Customers communicate with their bank’s service team and receive monthly statements from that bank. And, as always, customers’ confidential information is protected. Each customer maintains liquidity in the transaction account at his/her bank and can access ICS funds in the money market deposit accounts up to six times per month.

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